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In which sport, whose name you might have a hard time pronouncing, does the ball move the fastest?

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This game evolved in the Spanish-Basque region in the 17th century. The ball used in this game sometimes reaches speeds of 150 miles per hour, and people bet on the outcomes of the games. It is sometimes called pelota, but more commonly known as what?
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In the list of all-time home-run hitters in the Major Leagues, of course the top two names are Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth, with 755 and 714 home runs, respectively. Which player comes next on the list?

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What is the name of the sport played on ice, without skates, using a broom?

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In which city do each of these baseball teams play their home games?

a. Baltimore Orioles?
b. Philadelphia Phillies?
c. Houston Astros?
d. Detroit Tigers

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