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In how many different ways can the opening pair of moves be made in a game of chess - one white move followed by one black move.

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You buy a car, and wish to pay the car seller $12,000, divided into 24 payments, so that each payment is $20 more than the previous payment. How much will you pay in the first payment?

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What is the smallest positive number which, when divided by 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, always leaves a remainder of 1?

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How many prime numbers are there between 50 and 70?
- they are 53, 59, 61, 67

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Alan and Brigitte are beginning a bike race. Alan begins riding at 12 miles per hour, and ten minutes later Brigitte begins riding at 15 miles per hour. How many minutes will it take her to catch up to Alan?

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