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Each of these events occurred in years ending with "5."

a. Billie Jean King won her sixth Wimbledon singles tennis title.
b. Adolph Hitler published volume 1 of Mein Kampf
c. Three British scientists, including Alexander Fle

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In 1939, when a group of scientists found out that Germany was planning to build an atomic bomb, they persuaded which person to write a letter to which President to persuade him that the US develop the bomb first?

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He was a warlike and despotic Aztec emperor from the 15th century. His own people despised him and rebelled against him, and the Spanish conquerors stole fabulous treasures from him and his people. What was his name?

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a. George Washington moved into the first presidential mansion in 1789. In which city was this house located?

b. In which state was Abe Lincoln born?
c. In which state is Lincoln buried?

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Each of these events occurred in years ending with "3":

a. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky died and Cole Porter was born?
b. One of the most popular films of the year was Little Women starring Katharine Hepburn
c. British government o

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