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The first European visitor to this place was British Captain Cook, in 1778, and one of the interesting things he observed was people surfing over the waves on wooden boards. What place was this?

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The winner of the first Miss America pageant, Margaret Gorman, was crowned in 1921, but she did not live in, nor represent, any U.S. state. Which place did she represent?

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All these events occurred in years ending with the digit, "5." Name the year.

a. Civil War broke out between Christians and Moslems in Lebanon:
b. D.W. Griffith released his film, Birth of a Nation:
c. German scientist Wilh

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From June 16-19, 1963, the first woman in space, was which Russian, and from June 18-24, 1983, who was the first American woman in space?

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What was the month, day, day of the week, and time of day, of the 1989 earthquake: - O.K. +/- 10 minutes
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