Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions

Welcome, we are just launching our site so please bare with us. I have recently added the answer tabs to all questions (view by clicking "Show Answer"). We are working on daily, weekly, and bi-weekly questions to help provide a competition based contest.

2014-04-21 | Multiple categories provid daily, weekly and monthly contests for you and your friends. Soon to add flash games and puzzles.
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Today's Trivia Questions

Current Events: In 1993 this popular book made best-seller lists in both English and in Spanish. What were the titles of this novel?

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Electricity: True or false? the concept of electric fields was first introduced by albert einstein. michael Faraday
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Entertainment: In the film, Easy Rider, Jack Nicholson played the role of a person who decided to drop-out from society, leaving what profession?

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Entertainment: This television series, involving the good guys against the bad guys, had won more awards than any other dramatic series ever, yet was cancelled by NBC in the year 1987. Which show was it?

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Food: It was imported to Europe for the first time by Dutch traders around 1610. It was sold for the first time in Britain around 1660. What was it?

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Daily Trivia Questions - we are working hard to provide you with more content and games.

Why Daily Trivia

Find daily trivia facts that could be very helpful to your everyday life. For instance, did you know that goats can be trained to pull carts? Did you know goats can be housebroken and trained to walk on a leash? Learn these trivia facts and more!
Are you looking for a challenge? Do you like to play fun trivia? If so, then you may enjoy trying to answer some trivia questions regarding homemade, natural, goats milk bath and body products, for people and pets. Find science trivia regarding soap making information, a homemade soap recipe and much more! Find questions about daily care, raising goats, natural pet care shampoo and much more! If you think you know everything about homemade skin care products, making soap, and dairy goats, then test your knowledge! Learn by playing with fun trivia questions and answers!

Also, there may be mind bender questions such as, the term "get your daily" means.... or the word "scapedaily" means...? Just try to choose the correct answer. Do not worry, all of the correct answers are given, after playing, so you are assured to know the facts.

Finding fun trivia questions is a lot more challenging than other forms of entertainment. For instance, watching television does not require anything except a television and a couch potato! Lots of television programs are fun to watch but they may not require you to think much at all. Keeping your mind active is very important through life. Find fun things that make you think and help you learn. Playing with fun trivia can help you. How is this possible? You will be using your mind to think and learn. You will be expanding your knowledge, maybe, in ways you never thought possible or dreamed about! Correctly, answering trivia questions may help you feel good and be proud of your learning achievements. Fun trivia questions and answers change, periodically, so you will never get bored and you can, continually, learn. You will not have to worry about old reruns.

You can play fun trivia questions all by yourself or with others. You can play them anytime of the day or night. It is entertaining fun and free too!

If you are interested in learning about homemade, natural, goats milk bath and body products for people and pets, daily milk soap recipes, learning the science behind making soap, learning a variety of dairy daily facts and more then take the challenge! Use your mind and test your knowledge about these subjects. Playing with fun trivia questions can be fun and educational for everyone!

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